Chadwick Mediation & Arbitration, LLC - Fees & Billing

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, it is understood that all mediation/arbitration costs will be shared equally by the parties. The costs and fees are due when billed.

MEDIATION FEES: Mediations are charged at $150.00 per hour, per separately represented party.  In the event there is more than one separately represented plaintiff or separately represented defendant (multi-party cases), the hourly rate will be reduced to $125.00 per hour, per party. Because an entire day is blocked for a scheduled mediation, unless otherwise agreed, a four (4) hour minimum will be charged.

If settlement is not reached at the initial mediation session, but the parties believe that Ray’s continuing involvement in follow-up telephone discussions could be helpful, there will be no charge for those. If any further mediation sessions are scheduled, they will be billed for in accordance with the customary fee.

FOR THE SMALLER CASE: Where the probable value of a case results in a concern as to the cost of mediation, a flexible fee schedule is available. Generally, for those cases a flat fee of $250.00 will be charged per party for up to four (4) hours of mediation time. If the mediation lasts more than four (4) hours, the fee will be $100.00 per hour per party until the mediation session concludes.

SPECIAL FINANCIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: Ray believes it is important that parties to legal disputes have the opportunity to bring their dispute to an end in a cost-effective and timely manner. In some instances there may be special financial circumstances in which the customary mediation fee will exceed what the parties are in the position to pay. Where this is the case, a discussion regarding the establishment of a workable rate enabling the parties to participate in, and benefit from, mediation is welcomed.

EXPENSES: Travel time is billed at $75.00 per hour per party. In the event of the necessity of an overnight stay, reasonable hotel and meal charges will be split among the parties. Mileage will be charged at the then customary rate.

CANCELLATION POLICY: There is no charge for cancellations made up to seven (7) days before the scheduled mediation.  There is a charge of $250.00 per party for cancellations received after such time.

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